Newsletter — February-April 2015

This family “selfie” was taken at our home on Thanksgiving Day 2014 – Grace is fresh out of the bath and not too amazed at the adults’ carrying on!  What a delight it was to have all the family home over this special holiday.  With Grace now at eighteen months, Tammy and I look forward to several “Face Time” calls each week and, of course, we sing some of her favorite songs at the piano and she is quick to call out “more, please” before each song is quite finished!

Newsletter — November 2014

The picture on the left was taken last December in our back yard when Grace was 5 months old.  Now she is 15 months old, and her current favorite fruit is a banana – hence the costume in the middle picture just last week for a church family gathering!  Proud father Ryan has several chapters completed on his doctoral dissertation at Yale University. 

Newsletter — August-October 2014

June 28, 2014 was a wonderful day of celebration as Lisa and Jonathan were united in marriage.  It was a great treat to have family and friends from Australia and all over the U.S. join us for this very happy occasion.  The newly wedded couple will be living in Pasadena CA for at least the next twelve months while they both pursue their Master’s degrees in Inter-Cultural Studies at Fuller Seminary.  We are delighted that they will be close by!  “Everything beautiful in its own time,” indeed!!!

Newsletter — May-July 2014

 Younger daughter, Lisa, and her fiancé, Jonathan, have less than two weeks of service left with Samaritan’s Purse and Mission Aviation Fellowship in the DRC before they come home to Southern California and make final plans for their June 28th wedding.  We are so pleased and excited for them – they have secured their first apartment in Pasadena CA and Jonathan will stay there for a month or so, while Lisa is at home with us making final preparations for their June wedding. 

Newsletter — February-April 2014

Lisa came home to California for a break from her strenuous work in the Congo (DRC) with Samaritan’s Purse, and brought with her a very special friend, Jonathan (pictured above with the family.)  Jonathan is a pilot in the Eastern Congo and for the past two years has been working together with Lisa, often taking her to some of most challenging and dangerous field sites. 

Newsletter — November 2013

Tammy and I thoroughly enjoyed a 5-day visit in early September to New Haven CT to meet our first grand-child, Grace Victoria (born July 21st)  Proud parents, Heidi and Ryan, scheduled the dedication of baby Grace to coincide with our visit.  (Aunt Lisa arrived from the Congo a couple of weeks later to spend her R and R getting to know here new niece.) 

Newsletter August 2013

Daughter Heidi and son-in-law Ryan welcomed their first child, our first grand-child, Grace Victoria on Sunday, July 21.  She is, of course, the perfect baby, weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz.  Everyone is doing fine and “Grandma and Grandpa Jutsum” are particularly ecstatic!  Look for Tammy’s beautiful rendition of “A Mother’s Lullaby” on our new CD!!!

Newsletter May 2013

These are the chorus lyrics for a new praise song of mine, based on the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water — one of a dozen songs being prepared for a brand new worship CD, entitled “My Father Sings,” to be available in July.  I am also working on a new piano solo CD, “Music from the Heart,” with favorites from previous volumes, along with medleys from 13 of the world’s best-loved musicals.

Newsletter February 2013

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to return to my homeland in Queensland, Australia for several weeks in December.  Tammy and I were joined by our daughter Lisa, who flew from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and by our daughter Heidi and her husband Ryan from Connecticut, who delighted us with the news that they are expecting our first grand-child this summer!